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In upstate, the minimum wage is at $9, but will rise to $12.50 by the end of 2020. It is an issue that affects many across upstate, from farmers and small business owners to the workers themselves.

Anthony Emmi is the general manager of Emmi and Sons Farm in Baldwinsville, just outside of Syracuse. Among the crops are tomatoes, squash and peppers.

“I raise about seven acres now, the bell peppers,” Emmi said. “I started cutting back, we were at 72 acres. We used to ship up and down the east coast. Now, New York state is it.”

New group to assess challenges to doing business in NY state

Apr 15, 2016
Mike Gross/Associated Press

ALBANY — A new government panel is taking a look at New York state's business climate to search for ways to make it easier for companies to start and operate.


Karen DeWitt

Lobbying for and against the minimum wage is intensifying at the State Capitol, with just over two weeks to go until the budget deadline.

Union workers gathered at a rally outside the State Capitol, where the main speaker was Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

“We’re going to get a $15 minimum wage passed!” Cuomo shouted.


The casino being planned for the Finger Lakes is getting a slight name change.

Instead of being called Lago Resort & Casino, the operators say it will now be called del Lago Resort & Casino. “Del Lago” means "of the lake," and the company says it reflects the idea that the resort will serve as a gateway to the Finger Lakes.

Karen DeWitt

Groups that serve the disabled say there’s inadequate funding in Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget to place thousands of adults with developmental disabilities into group homes. They also say a proposed $15 minimum wage will have a “devastating financial impact” for the nonprofit groups.

The advocates say that as recently as seven years ago, just as the state’s fiscal crisis was hitting, most parents were assured by the state that there would be a place for their children, and spots in assisted living homes were found.