Karen DeWitt

Capitol Bureau Chief, New York State Public Radio

Capitol Bureau Chief for New York State Public Radio.

Karen DeWitt reports for a network of 10 public radio stations in New York State. She has covered state government and politics for the network since 1990. 

She is also a regular contributor to the statewide public television program about New York State government, New York NOW. She appears on the reporter's roundtable segment, and interviews newsmakers. 

Karen previously worked for WINS Radio, and has written for numerous publications, including Adirondack Life and the Albany newsweekly Metroland

She is a past recipient of the prestigious Walter T. Brown Memorial award for excellence in journalism, from the Legislative Correspondents Association, and was named Media Person of the Year for 2009 by the Women's Press Club of New York State.

Karen is a graduate of the State University of New York at Geneseo.



Tue August 19, 2014

Business group praises Senate GOP voting record, pans Democrats

Credit http://www.unshackleupstate.com/

An upstate pro business group is out with ratings for the Senate and Assembly, and finds, not surprisingly, that more liberal Democrats are at odds with the group’s agenda than conservative leaning Republicans. Unshackle Upstate says that could have implications for the group’s interests if Democrats take over the Senate in November.

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Fri August 15, 2014
NPR Story

Students make incremental progress on Common Core math tests, but English scores remain flat

Originally published on Fri August 15, 2014 8:25 am

timlewisnm Flickr

New York’s school children made incremental progress in math scores, but no gains in English tests, during the second year of Common Core-related exams. Education officials say overall, only around one-third of students actually passed the tests.

In math tests administered to third through eighth graders, just 35.8 percent statewide were considered to meet or exceed the new Common Core standards.

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Mon August 11, 2014

Governor and legislature increasingly rely on publicly funded private attorneys

Originally published on Mon August 11, 2014 9:32 am

governorandrewcuomo Flickr

Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration and the legislature are spending around $1.3 million this year in payments to private law firms, and the public is paying for it, says a fiscally conservative study center.

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Fri August 8, 2014
Higher Ed

School funding advocates say budget surplus should go to schools

Originally published on Fri August 8, 2014 7:31 am

Billy Easton, with Alliance for Quality Education, explains report showing schools are underfunded by billions of dollars
Karen DeWitt/WRVO News

Education funding advocates say they have a use for the recently announced $4.2 billion state surplus. They say schools in New York, particularly the state’s poorest schools, could really use the money.

The Alliance for Quality Education’s Billy Easton says New York has fallen far behind in carrying out an order issued eight years ago form the state’s highest court saying schools, particularly the poorest districts,  deserve billions of dollars more in state funding each year.

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Wed August 6, 2014

State's sole participant in public campaign finance admits its a challenge

Republican candidate for Comptroller Bob Antonacci speaks to reporters at the State Capitol Wednesday August 6
Credit Karen DeWitt/WXXI

The only statewide candidate who is participating in a pilot public campaign finance program says it’s been slow going, but Republican candidate for Comptroller Bob Antonacci expects to collect enough individual donors to qualify for the state matching funds.

Antonacci has to convince 2000 people to donate small amount of money to his campaign, by September 10th, and raise $200,000 from them, in order to qualify for a grant that will give him six times the amount of money that he raises by that date.

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