A state photonics board has taken a step that will lead to the first major round of funding for that technology in Rochester.

The New York State Photonics Board of Officers  has unanimously approved a payment of $106 million for the AIM Photonics effort.

The money will be used to establish a testing, assembly and packaging facility.

Was the 2016 Session Bad for Business?

Jun 22, 2016

Business leaders, particularly those in upstate New York, say the recently concluded 2016 legislative session was the worst for small businesses in quite some time.

Business owners say that a session that saw the minimum wage increase to eventually $15 in New York City and $12.50 upstate, along with a phased-in partially paid family leave, will be costly to smaller employers who operate on the edge in a shaky economy.

The Federal Aviation Administration issued the first operational rules to govern the commercial use of drones on Tuesday.

Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said this was a "huge step for innovation."

The 600-plus pages of new regulations require drone operators to pass a written exam every two years, keep the unmanned aircraft within sight and avoid flying it over people and at night. The rules also require drones to stay at least 5 miles from airports.

OSHA has cited Wegmans for repeat safety violations at its central bakeshop in Gates. 

The federal safety agency is proposing a total of $140,000 in fines after officials say that a worker who was cleaning a conveyor belt and roller last December got her hand caught in the machine and suffered broken bones in her hand and arm.

The New York State Farm Bureau is inserting itself  into a legal fight over whether farmworkers can be allowed to unionize.

The New York Civil Liberties union is suing the state for the right of farm laborers to collectively bargain with their employers, and Governor Cuomo said earlier this year that he would not defend the state in the lawsuit. The New York Farm Bureau says it wants to defend the ban. Farm Bureau spokesman Steve Ammerman says farms don’t work like factories or shops, and an ill timed strike could wipe out a year’s crop.

The Seneca County Industrial Development Agency has announced its choice for the winning bidder to take over the former Seneca Army Depot.

He is Earl Martin, who bid $900,000  for the 7,000 acres that are being sold. The depot is a former World War II weapons storage facility, and may be best known as being home to a herd of white deer.

Martin says it’s important for him to protect the deer and he will devote at least 1,500 acres for the white deer.

The owner of Nine Mile Point Nuclear Plant is again sounding a warning that without some financial help from New York state, it could have to close one of its reactors. This news on top of the announcement Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant will be closing has Oswego county reeling.

The New York State Senate Wednesday confirmed Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s nominee to regulate the state's more than 1,500 insurance companies and nearly 1,600 banking and other financial institutions. Maria Vullo has served as Acting Superintendent of the Department of Financial Services since February, when she was nominated by Cuomo to lead the agency he created in 2011 in response to the banking crisis.

Xerox has announced the names of the two new companies that will be created following the separation of the corporation into two parts later this year.

The Document Technology company, which involves a lot of the work done in the Rochester area, will retain the Xerox brand name.

But the Business Process Outsourcing  company, will be known by the name, 'Conduent.' That's a name that was made up, to signify things like 'conduit,' 'confluence' and 'constituent,'  as Xerox tries to get across the mission of the new business to connect clients and their constituents.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP)  The state is putting up $36 million to increase the energy efficiency of commercial buildings such as office towers, universities, hospitals and retail stores.

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority says the money is for two new initiatives estimated to cut the energy bills of participating buildings by more than $200 million over eight years.


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