Eastman Kodak is reporting earnings for the 4th quarter and all of 2017.

The company is reporting profits of $129 million for the quarter and $94 million for the year overall. But as George Conboy of Brighton Securities points out, that profit is mainly due to the fact the company had a one-time tax benefit of $101 million.

March 15th was "National Password Day," and the Better Business Bureau of upstate New York is reminding people to make sure people have a secure password.

Communications Director Melanie McGovern says BBB and the Federal Trade Commission want people to make sure their passwords are unique and hard to get into, because hackers are trying every day to access accounts.

"You want to make it long and strong, and that's always the rule of thumb when it comes to passwords," she said.

McGovern says many people use a sentence as their password.

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The "substantial doubt" that iHeartMedia's corporate leaders expressed around the company's likelihood of surviving another year, mentioned in its quarterly financial report last November, has been put to rest.

The U.S. is one of only a few countries in the world that allow private individuals to own the minerals under their land, a policy that dates to the Founding Fathers as they sought to elevate private interests over those of the British Crown. This financial incentive to allow new drilling goes a long way in explaining the nation's natural gas boom. The National Association of Royalty Owners estimates some 12 million American landowners receive royalties for the exploitation of oil, gas and other mineral resources under their property.

Nothing conveys the excitement of space exploration like pictures from another planet. Now NASA is planning to go one better than pictures. The space agency is aiming to launch a probe carrying a communication system that will let future missions to Mars transmit live, high definition video to Earth.

Elizabeth Holmes, the 34-year-old founder and CEO of the health technology company Theranos, had a compelling story of dropping out of college to launch a multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley venture to revolutionize the blood-testing industry.

Brighton Supervisor Bill Moehle is calling on the developers of the Whole Foods Project to shrink the size of that project and make some other changes.

Moehle is calling on the Daniele Family Companies to scale back the project by removing one of four buildings proposed, or find another area on the property where they could remove 6,300 square feet.

There was an historic moment at the Eastman Business Park on Tuesday. Kodak officials marked the arrival of the last train car of coal brought to that plant to fuel its power plant, before the plant’s power system is converted to all natural gas.

The president of the park, Dolores Kruchten, says newer regulations required a major change to be made with the coal-fired plant.

The Ginna Nuclear Power Plant is now back up to full capacity. The plant was offline late last week because of a power problem at a transformer that was not part of Ginna, and is located  offsite.

To keep the line workers safe, Ginna was taken offline and disconnected  temporarily from the power grid.

The plant was initially brought back on line Saturday, but after a problem with an indicator for a control rod was discovered, power was reduced to 74 percent.

When President Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum imports this month, he said protecting the two industries was vital for national security.

"We want to build our ships. We want to build our planes. We want to build our military equipment with steel, with aluminum from our country," he said at a March 8 White House news conference.

In other words, the U.S. military should be as self-sufficient as possible, and not rely on other countries to supply the essential materials it needs for defense.


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