The city of Rochester is taking steps to help local entrepreneurs get their businesses started and along with that, give an economic boost to the community.

The program utilizes a worldwide crowd funding effort called  Kiva, and it  relies on people all over the world, who lend money to startup businesses through the Internet.

The final verdict won't be in until after the harvest, but New York apple growers are expecting a below-average crop yield this fall.

The months-long drought won't result in the bumper crop of apples we saw last year.  And the fruit will look and taste different, too.

"What you will see in the marketplace is possible a little bit of a smaller-sized apple,” said Jim Allen, president of the New York Apple Association. “The good news is it'll be a sweet apple. Drier weather always makes sweet products."

Despite SolarCity's corporate restructuring and layoffs, Mayor Byron Brown and other leaders say so far they see no negative impact on the company's new factory in Buffalo.

ALBANY, N.Y. (AP) — New York's farmers give millions of pounds of apples, squash, melons and other agricultural products to the state's food banks every year.

With its array of historic buildings, the crumbling landscape of downtown Jamestown offers poignant reminders of a small city that was once a jewel of the Northeast.  State officials hope a $10 million award from the Downtown Revitalization Initiative will help restore some of that glory. 

Buffalo tablet maker tripling in size

Aug 19, 2016

 The co-owner of Bak USA is praising the city of Buffalo, the University at Buffalo and the state's Start-Up NY program for fueling his company's "unbelievably fast" growth in such a short time.

J.P. and Ulla Bak started the mobile computer manufacturing facility in March 2014, and is already planning to triple its floor space and add another 125 jobs over the next year.

Uber is plowing ahead with its ambitious plan to make self-driving cars a reality. The company will run an experiment in Pittsburgh, rolling out the first-ever self-driving fleet that's available to everyday customers.

Self-Driving Car Tourism

Uber won't specify exactly how many self-driving cars will hit the streets. But in the next few weeks, if you're in Pittsburgh and use your app, you might land in one of them.

The NY State Labor Department says the Rochester area saw an increase of  800 private sector jobs in July compared to this time last year. Labor department analyst Tammy Marino says the trend has been positive and it looks like that will continue for a while.  

“Employment currently stands at its highest July level since 2001. And I would actually expect that trend to continue into the coming months as we do have more and more employers looking to hire.”

McQuaid Jesuit High School in Brighton is getting ready to break ground on a $20 million STEM education center.

Principal Adam Baber said the two-story, 36,000-square-foot building will stand at the site of a residence that once housed Jesuit brothers and priests.

He said a facility dedicated to science, technology, engineering and math education makes sense.

Solar gardens put renewables within reach for the poor in Colorado

Aug 18, 2016
Dan Boyce/Inside Energy


For the poorest among us, paying every bill can be a struggle, including the power bill.

Solar power hasn’t really been a go-to option for those at the bottom, but that’s starting to change. Colorado’s largest utility — Xcel energy — recently announced an expansion of a program to provide solar energy to low-income residents. It’s part of a proposed settlement agreement with the state’s public utility commission.


U.S. Photonics Hub Coming To Rochester

What does this mean for the economy of the Rochester region?