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Tue July 24, 2012

Buffalo's roster of incubators grows by one

Z80 Labs, Buffalo's first "Internet-focused" incubator, is named as an homage to the 1970's microprocessor. The chip helped form the foundation of the Z80 founders' early tech work.
G.G. Italy via Flickr

Buffalo’s latest business incubator is on the hunt for small tech companies who are long on ideas, but perhaps short on cash, office space and personnel. 

Calling itself Buffalo’s first Internet-focused incubator, Z80 Labs launched Monday with a well-orchestrated launch party featuring the region’s tech elite, as well as Forbes CEO Mike Perlis, and prominent venture capitalist Fred Wilson.

Z80 is the brainchild of some of Buffalo’s richest entrepreneurs who are promising to use their business connections and access to capital to nurture hand-selected startups.

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Tue February 21, 2012
Small business

Buffalo business incubator's success mixed with growing pains

Business incubator NxtArrow resides in the Electric Tower in downtown Buffalo, offering free rent and other services for a year for startup companies.
sabel via Flickr

Correction: We originally referred to one of NxtArrow's incubator clients as "WorkSmart Solutions" in this story, but as founder Michelle Maria Nicholas notes in a comment below, the name of her firm is "WorkSmart Small Business Support, LLC." The Innovation Trail regrets the error.

One trip around the sun ago, NxtArrow launched in Buffalo.

To recap, this for-profit private business incubator offers free rent and other services for any business willing to move to western New York.

While the venture saw some success in its first year, it also experienced some growing pains.

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Mon November 28, 2011

Tech startup brings history to life in Buffalo incubator

Operating inside a local incubator, Randforce Associates merges technology with historical materials.
Daniel Robison WNED

Business incubators are mostly home to young companies shopping new technology, like medical devices or apps for smart phones.

But there’s an exception at the University at Buffalo Technology Incubator: an exception more likely to be at home in the humanities department, than in the engineering school.

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Mon June 27, 2011

Workshop culls good business ideas from the bad

An animated timeline at the Pre-Seed Workshop livens up the obstacles new businesses face in the early days.
Daniel Robison WNED

No one would argue that new businesses don't face hurdles.

To help clear those, the University at Buffalo recently trucked in a few experts to deliver a dose of help - and constructive criticism.

The Pre-Seed Workshop is an intense 3-day traveling seminar meant to provide an environment where nascent ideas can get fleshed out into practical businesses - or nipped in the bud.

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Mon June 13, 2011

A breathalyzer at every bar?

Ladybug Teknologies will use tablet touchscreens hooked up to a breathalyzer in bars. CEO Chris Montag (above) tests a prototype.
Daniel Robison WNED

A small company in Buffalo is trying to change the way people drink. Ladybug Teknologies envisions a future where breathalyzer kiosks are available in bars so patrons have the ability to check their level of intoxication before getting behind the wheel.

To hatch their idea, Ladybug officials have barnacled to a local business incubator.

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