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With help from the Brookings Institution, CenterState CEO is out with a new strategic plan to boost the central New York regional economy.

The plan was two years in the making.

The Washington-based Brookings' Metropolitan Policy Program picked Syracuse as one of the regions it would assist.

"This region was right to decide to update its economic strategies in light of" how it fared during the Great Recession, said Brookings' Amy Liu at a presentation Thursday.

Ryan Delaney / WRVO

Business leaders in central New York are re-launching efforts to expand their involvement in the export market.

The Central New York International Business Alliance has been around for almost a decade. It’s renewing its push to increase exports among companies in the region, or get them into the market altogether.

The alliance is an effort from CenterState CEO, a regional chamber of commerce of sorts.

Exports make up $8.7 billion of revenue for central New York businesses, with companies like CONMED, Welch-Allyn and Inficon leading the way.

Mobile technology is driving the modernization of disaster relief and public safety response.  And, according to a recent report from the Brookings Institution, the rapid expansion of mobile devices and mobile driven data has already begun to save lives and alleviate suffering in disaster-struck communities.

But, the report also says issues with infrastructure could prevent this technology from reaching its full potential.

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Patent activity - an indicator of economic ingenuity - has been on a steady rise for the past three decades, a report by the Brookings Institution has found, but innovation is shifting to high-tech sectors and the highly educated.

Brookings this morning released a survey of patent activity in the country from 1980-2012.

"The biggest change since 1980 has been the explosion of inventions in the I.T. industry," says the report's lead author, Jonathan Rothwell.

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CenterState CEO, an economic booster engine for central New York, has set a goal of doubling exports for the region over the next five years.

The path to that goal includes help from the Brookings Institute's Metropolitan Policy Program. Brookings picked Syracuse last summer as one of four metro areas it would help increase its exports.

The plan was released Wednesday during CenterState's annual meeting. Along with Brookings, representatives from the U.S. Export-Import Bank and the Commerce Department touted the potential of the region.

But central New York has a ways to go: Of the top 100 largest metro areas, Brookings found Syracuse ranked 72nd for export value in 2010.