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A small but passionate group of About 50 activists with the Sierra club, gathered on the southern lawn of Albany’s Academy Park to deliver a 14-thousand signature petitions demanding Governor Cuomo deny the bailout of the Cayuga Power Plant. 

The bailout would come via the governor’s Public Service Commission that currently subsidizes the plant to the tune of $4 -million a month.

The Tompkins County installation has two units that burn coal, and one that uses natural gas or oil depending on the market.


Cosmetic products containing small plastic beads are now banned from being sold in Erie County.

The measure was signed into law this week, following a unanimous vote by that county's legislature in July.

Microbeads are found in products such as facial scrubs and lotions and even toothpaste. On an ingredient label they are listed as polyethylene, polypropylene, or acrylates co-polymer.

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Syracuse’s Innovation Team is developing new infrastructure ideas for the city. Public forums are being held to gather input from the community.

Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner created the Innovation Team to think up solutions to the city’s big problems. The team is funded by a three-year grant from Bloomberg Philanthropies. Each year the team will choose a priority area and this year's area is infrastructure.  

Some of the ideas the participants came up with include public Internet service and consolidated city services, such as sewer and water.

Political winds shifting toward Upstate New York

Aug 24, 2015

There has been an unusual focus on upstate New York among top state politicians from the downstate area in recent weeks. 

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What portable classrooms mean for student health and the environment and why school districts keep adding them.

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Building a better Honeybee

Aug 21, 2015
Photo: Lou Blouin

Beekeepers have plenty of tough days. But urban beekeeper Steve Rapaski is not having one of those today.

“My mouth is full!” Rapaski shouts, barehanding fistfuls of honey from one of his rooftop bee colonies. “We’re eating honey that is fresh from the hive. And it’s so delicious."

Rapaski has about a hundred colonies in and around Pittsburgh, but he actually hasn’t been around to check on this hive in a month. And now, the bees, which should have been storing their honey neatly on wooden frames have instead built a crazy jagged, mini-mountain range of foot-tall honeycomb inside an empty bee box.

“The good news is that it’s what we call fresh cut-comb honey. But it’s what we call a major screw-up by a beekeeper that should have put frames in there a month ago,” Rapaski says, laughing. 

As work continues on the site of the future SolarCity manufacturing center in Buffalo, Senator Charles Schumer is pushing for changes in a solar tax energy tax credit that supporters say will promote more solar power use and secure the jobs expected to come to the giant Riverbend facility.

The New York State Board of Elections recently issued its final report on an experimental public campaign finance system that had no participants. Government reform groups say it’s another sign that the pilot program for one race in the 2014 election cycle was designed to fail, and that politicians in New York are not yet serious about real campaign finance reforms.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) was in North Syracuse this week promoting a new bill that will help banks and investors loan more money to manufacturing businesses. The bill is meant to help keep manufacturers in the U.S. and New York state.


The Rochester City School District plans to shake things up in the classroom with some new math moves this September.  The Math & Movement program pairs physical activity with crunching numbers, and is designed to help kids learn more, retain more and gain valuable basic math skills while exercising their bodies as well as their minds.


U.S. Photonics Hub Coming To Rochester

What does this mean for the economy of the Rochester region?