Eastman Kodak is reporting a profitable 2nd quarter, but earnings came in about half of where they were a year ago. The company earned $4 million in the quarter on a GAAP basis.

Revenues overall of $381 million were down about 10 percent compared to last year, but the company says it saw strong growth in some key product lines. Kodak now focuses on commercial printing and packaging.

Federal authorities say that five Florida men are accused of a money laundering conspiracy against Xerox.

The U.S. Attorney’s office says that Robert Lee Fisher; Bryan Day; Jason Haynes; Kyle Haynes; and David Haynes, all of Daytona Beach also face charges that include mail and wire fraud.

Prosecutors say that Fisher owned a company that was an authorized reseller of Xerox equipment.

General Electric is closing a manufacturing facility in Rochester, on Science Parkway.

The company says that less than 100 employees will be affected, although the exact number was not released.

GE issued a statement saying that in an effort to provide its customers with more competitive, efficient products and services, the manufacturing work will transition to one of the company’s partner suppliers.

Officials say that work will go to a Florida-based supplier, but that manufacturing will be performed at the company’s operations in China.

There's a lawsuit now in New York that could expand the rights of farm workers. Under state law, farm workers aren't allowed to bargain collectively, but the state Constitution may say something different.

Same day grocery delivery from Wegmans is about to begin through the Instacart app. They also deliver from other retailers including CVS, Price Rite, and Petco.

The pace of small business job growth is a little slower than it was a year ago but wages are up; accelerating, at what Paychex calls, a decent pace.

BlueTie has been sold. CEO and President Robert Doty now owns the business outright. 

The WXXI Business report looks at business and economic issues facing the Rochester area including Western New York and the Finger Lakes.

Wegmans will begin to offer same-day delivery in the Rochester area on Tuesday, partnering with a San Francisco company called Instacart.

And now we get word that  the service will also include some other retailers.

As of Tuesday, Wegmans begins to  provide same-day delivery in parts of the Rochester and Canandaigua areas.

It does come at a cost over what you would normally pay in the store, there are fees both for the delivery, and the price of the various items you get may be higher than what you pay in the supermarket.

Antibiotic resistant bacteria cause an estimated 2 million infections and 23,000 deaths each year in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Frequent and inappropriate use of antibiotics is a big culprit. Antibiotics can save lives when prescribed for a bacterial infection, but they won't help someone who has a viral infection.

Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center are working on a tool that could one day help doctors quickly determine which type of virus patients have.

Updated Wednesday, Aug. 3

The recent black, odorous wastewater discharge near the base of Niagara Falls violated New York regulations, a state official says. But it's unclear whether any fines will result.

It's 6 a.m. on a calm morning in Maine's Rockport Harbor, and Sadie Samuels is loading traps from her pickup truck onto her 28-foot lobster boat.

The daughter of a lobsterman, Samuels was born in a nearby hospital and has been on the water here for most of her 25 years.

"I've been coming out fishing in this harbor since I was born. I came here before I went home from the hospital," she says. "I had my first student license when I was 7."

The Bill Gray’s Iceplex in Brighton is getting an upgrade.

The $2.2 million expansion will feature additional retail and locker room space, as well as a Lattimore physical therapy and sports rehabilitation center and a fitness center.

General Manager of the Iceplex Chris Woodworth says the additions will help them continue to host the over 30 major ice hockey tournaments they bring to the area each year.

"Through the improvements and through the amenities and the service we provide, we've been able to establish relationships with some large tournaments."


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