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The rural farming town of Litchfield, located southeast of Utica, is divided when it comes to wind power. Supervisor Wayne Casler is in favor of wind power, and has been shepherding the town government toward writing new laws to govern wind power.

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Wind developers have been crawling all over the small towns in upstate New York, looking for enough land to justify building turbines.  They started scouting East Meredith, near Oneonta about four years ago.  At that point, wind wasn’t even on Ron Bailey’s radar.

Bailey lives in an old farmhouse with his wife Sue.  He was approached by a wind company about leasing his land for turbines.  Initially, he was enthusiastic.

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The sparsely populated town of Litchfield, N.Y. is working on writing a law to regulate wind turbines. The issue is so big, separate workshops are scheduled, devoted solely to work on the legislation. Emotions run high during those meetings.

Tuesday night, Litchfield held its regularly scheduled monthly town board meeting. They examined balance sheets and discussed license fees for dog tags- normal town government stuff.