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Tue October 11, 2011

'Utica Shale' could push gas drilling further north

An impoundment pond of water for drilling in northern Pennsylvania. The Utica Shale has driven interest in expanding drilling operations further north into central New York and the Finger Lakes.
Helen Slottje via Flickr

Since Chesapeake Energy announced last month that it saw great promise in test wells in Ohio, the public has become newly acquainted with the Utica Shale, the Marcellus Shale's northern sibling.

Monday the Syracuse Post-Standard reported that Norse Energy, which has substantial lease holdings in central New York, hasĀ applied for the first permit for a Utica Shale well.

The well, in Chenango County half an hour's drive from Syracuse, is on hold pending the state's regulatory review.

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Mon July 18, 2011

Onondaga Nation finds opportunity in Brooklyn, Sweden

Vertical farming domes like this one will soon be going up in Singapore and Stockholm, thanks to investment backing from the Onondaga Nation.
Courtesy photo Plantagon International

The Onondaga Nation is known for sticking to its principles.

It's among only a handful of Native American nations that refuse money from the Federal Bureau of Indian Affairs. The Onondaga have also refused to open a casino.

But now the small nation south of Syracuse is reaching outside its borders, with a new series of business partnerships with clean tech companies.

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