Hydrofracking, Marcellus Shale, wind power, solar power, nuclear power, and renewable energy stories from across upstate New York.


You may not notice it at first, but atop the roof of the wine press building at Lakewood Vineyards is something that marked the beginning of change in the region.

The 47-kilowatt solar energy system has been invaluable to the Watkins Glen, New York winery, according to president and winemaker Chris Stamp. If he has his way, workers will install more panels once the building’s expansion is complete this summer.

Lakewood started harnessing the power of the sun four years ago, a move Stamp said put them “way ahead of the curve” compared to other Finger Lakes wineries.

WATCH: When coal goes bankrupt, who pays for cleanup?

Jun 13, 2016
Wyoming PBS

When mining companies are done digging up coal, the empty pit mines need to be returned to their natural state.

But due to a process called self-bonding, mining companies don't have to set aside money to do so. As coal mining companies declare bankruptcy, who will pay for the cleanup? 

Looking for growing profession? Try wind turbine tech

Apr 22, 2016
Dan Boyce/Inside Energy

The wind industry is clearly growing.

A new report from the American Wind Energy Association touts a record total of 88,000 jobs across the industry at the start of 2016, a 20 percent jump from a year ago.

More wind power was added than any other U.S. electricity source in 2015, beating out natural gas and solar.



WATCH: Pushing electric vehicle tax credits

Apr 12, 2016
Inside Energy

States are looking for ways to cut their carbon emissions -- and one way to do that is by getting gas-powered cars off their roads.

So some states, like Colorado, are offering tax credits to residents who want to purchase new electric vehicles.


Saying the proposed pipelines are all one system, just like the nation's rivers or even our arteries, activists from across the Northeast gathered on the east steps of New York’s State Capitol to protest the expansion of natural gas pipelines.

The environmental rally in Albany demanded that Gov. Andrew Cuomo not sign the 401 water quality certificate currently sitting on his desk. It would allow the Constitution Pipeline to be built.