Kodak axes President and CFO, and Cuomo says no pressure for immediate fracking decision

Sep 10, 2012

Welcome to Monday afternoon refreshments from the Innovation Trail team.

Kodak is to shed another 1,000 jobs by year's end and hopes to save $330 million dollars in the process reports the Democrat and Chronicle's business reporter Matthew Daneman.

There will be lawsuits not matter what the decision on fracking, says Governor Cuomo.


Governor Cuomo says that he's not putting any pressure on the DEC to come out with a decision on fracking reports Jessica Bakeman from Gannett's Albany bureau.

He goes on to acknowledge that whatever/whenever the decision there will be lawsuits involved. The Innovation Trail's Marie Cusick reports on what those likely legal avenues will be.

Wxxi.org has a special lineup of background reporting on the issue starting Tuesday.