In this WXXI Business Report, Randy Gorbman explains the main findings from Paychex's latest Small Business Employment Watch - it shows a small increase in hiring, but a slight decrease in wage growth. Plus, Wegmans opens store number 97!

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As the country has clawed its way back from the worst recession in generations, companies have been creating plenty of jobs. Employers added another 223,000 positions last month alone, the Labor Department said Friday. And the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.8 percent, the lowest since 2000, from April's 3.9 percent.

The Citizens' Climate Lobby is making progress in its efforts to get federal legislation introduced to mitigate the effects of climate change.

"Five years ago, it felt like a pipe dream, but we're the closest we've ever been to seeing something like this introduced," said Sarah Mittiga, co-leader of the Rochester chapter of the nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that works both locally and in Washington to garner support for one measure on which the group is laser-focused:   A carbon fee and dividend.

Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo focused on the local economy for a good portion of her State of the County speech Monday night.

Before Dinolfo started talking about jobs in the address she delivered at Frontier Field, she got to talk a little baseball.

Increasing demand means another expansion for the Veterans Crisis Line (VCL). The Canandaigua-based facility is looking to hire another 30 to 50 people.

The job requires some specific skills. Responders take calls from veterans and active duty service members experiencing some of the most difficult struggles of their lives.

A simple question at the pharmacy could unlock savings for millions of Medicare beneficiaries.

Under a little-known Medicare rule, they can pay a lower cash price for prescriptions instead of using their insurance and doling out the amount the policy requires. But only if they ask.

That is because pharmacists say their contracts with drug plans often contain "gag orders" forbidding them from volunteering this information.

Researchers at the University of Rochester are developing ways to improve lie detection, with the hope that it could lead to more accurate airport screenings.

Currently, the way a TSA agent decides who is hiding something is pretty basic: Agents have a set of guidelines, called a behavior detection program, to help them seperate truth from fiction.

The guidelines identify behaviors from wearing certain attire to displaying exaggerated emotions to yawning as possible indicators of deceit.

The program has been called into question.

A San Francisco based software development company is opening an office in downtown Rochester and they are expected to create at least 30 new full-time jobs at that site over the next five years.

The firm is called EmployeeChannel  and they will be located inside the RIT Center for Urban Entrepreneurship on Franklin Street.

Federal authorities are speaking out about the 62-count indictment announced on Tuesday against four men in connection with that the U.S. Attorney’s office says was a multi-million-dollar mortgage fraud scheme.

The indictment charges 43-year-old Frank Giacobbe of East Amherst, 34-year-old Patrick Ogiony of Buffalo, 42-year-old Kevin Morgan of Pittsford and 29-year-old Todd Morgan of Rochester with conspiracy to commit wire fraud and bank fraud.

More Xerox news, but this time it's about a new product...a production printing press, that was developed with the help of engineers in Webster.

Plus, a survey on entrepreneurship by Paychex shows growth among small business start-ups, and Genesee Brewery celebrates its 140th birthday with a number of events, including an association with the Rochester Red Wings


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