Fri March 2, 2012
Trail Mix

Records reveal questions Cuomo didn't want to answer

New records reveal that Cuomo dodged tough questions from the public in an online chat on his new transparency website.
Photo: Matt Ryan WMHT

Good morning, and happy Friday! Today in your trail mix:

Kodak is no longer among Rochester's top employers.

More details emerge about what Governor Cuomo leaves off his transparency website.

Advice for anyone who is creeped out by Google's new privacy policy.

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Wed February 29, 2012

Cornell researchers, hobbyists are bringing 3-D printing home

A 3-D printer created at Cornell is being marketed for home use, with open source plans for building it, and designs that can be used to print all kinds of things, including food.
Matt Richmond WSKG

For decades, manufacturers have used 3-D printers to create prototypes. Car designers have used them to create new car models - last year, an entire car was printed. Drug makers print pills with them. One was used recently to replace a patient's jawbone.

These kinds of printers are in widespread use in industry. But because of their cost, they've flown under the radar for the general population.

Now, Cornell University is stepping in with an open source 3-D printer, that promises to bring this high tech manufacturing tool to your garage.

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Tue February 28, 2012

Audit slams New York IT agency for 'flagrant misconduct'

The audit charges the state's Information Technology agency with wasting taxpayer money.
photosteve101 via Flickr

The State Comptroller’s office has released a harshly-worded audit of the state Office for Technology (OFT), slamming the agency for favoritism and conflicts-of-interest in the awarding of state contracts.

Auditors say the abuses were, “flagrant, significant, and not well-hidden.”

OFT is responsible for handling the state government’s IT services.

Much of the audit focuses on OFT’s former deputy chief information officer, Rico Singleton, who’s accused of mishandling a state contract with the computer security company, McAfee, and wasting $1.5 million in taxpayer funds.

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Thu February 23, 2012


Wed February 22, 2012
Company Town

ThingWorx: "Facebook for devices"

Chris Kuntz, director of marketing for ThingWorx.
Zack Seward WXXI

You know how Facebook works: friends, family, “friends” all posting a steady stream of What’s Going On.

Well, ThingWorx is like that - but with machines instead of people.

“We joke: the Facebook for devices,” says ThingWorx marketing director Chris Kuntz. “These are cars, these are buildings, these are appliances. They’re medical devices, they’re windmills, they’re bridges.

“There’s a lot of value in businesses securely connecting to and communicating with smart things.”

That’s where ThingWorx comes in.

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