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The GlobalFoundries computer chip manufacturer announced earlier this week that the company will move forward with construction of a new research and development facility at its Fab 8 campus in Malta.

The facility, which will be called the Technology Development Center (TDC) represents another $2 billion investment in the Capital Region by the company, bringing the overall total to $8 billion. They cite a shift in the computing industry from PCs to mobile devices, which has driven demand for their chips.

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The massive GlobalFoundries computer chip manufacturing plant outside of Albany will soon grow even larger.

The company announced an additional $2.3 billion investment at its Malta site earlier this week.

The plans call for an expansion of the cleanroom space where the company builds 300 millimeter computer chip wafers. The chips are used in everything from computers, to cell phones, and cars.

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Top executives from around the globe were in Saratoga Springs this week to talk about the future of the semiconductor industry.

The event marks the 16th annual meeting of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC). The gathering rotates around the world and is only held in the United States once every six years.

The group of CEOs and top executives from semiconductor companies are normally fierce competitors, but once a year they come together for this meeting to build consensus around issues that affect the whole industry, like international trade and public policy.

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Top executives and CEOs of computer chip companies from around the world are together in Saratoga Springs this week for the 16th annual meeting of the World Semiconductor Council (WSC).

This is the first time the meeting is being held in the Albany area.

It's another sign of the Capital Region's growing importance in the world of advanced manufacturing.

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New York State gave away an unprecedented incentive package - worth over a billion dollars - to lure the computer chip manufacturer GlobalFoundries to the Albany suburb of Malta.

Now that the massive economic development project is finally up and running, people are lining up for jobs.

Governor Andrew Cuomo says he wants to see similar tech clusters emerge in other regions. And to replicate the Capital Region’s success, Cuomo says he’s ready to dish out more state perks.