Fri January 18, 2013

University advocates Native American farming methods

"Three Sisters" crop harvest
Chiot's Run Creative Commons License

Traditional American Indian cropping could be the key to a more sustainable agricultural system, Rochester Institute of Technology students have heard.

The university’s Native Innovation day had a focus on what’s called the ‘three-sister system’ which some scientists believe can decrease soil erosion and protect soil nutrients.

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Tue October 23, 2012
Center for Urban Entrepeneurship

Historic building to house new urban entrepreneurship center

The Rochester Savings Bank building dates from 1927 and was placed on the Nationa Register of Historic Places in 1972
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Senator Charles Schumer says a new center to open in Rochester will be a model for cities all over the state and the nation. He made the statement at the launch of the new center for urban entrepreneurship in the city.

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Mon August 20, 2012

Lasers and airplanes help scientists combat invasive species

Last summer, we told you about how researchers are using sheep to target invasive plants. This year, we've found scientists using a more high-tech approach.

In our latest Innovation Trail report for New York NOW, we followed a team of researchers from the Rochester Institute of Technology into a forest in central Massachusetts.

They're part of a massive new effort called the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). It's aimed at answering some of the biggest questions about how humans are impacting the natural world. 

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Wed June 27, 2012
Higher Ed

Innovation Conversation: Higher Ed's Impact

Many upstate communities are anchored by universities.

They draw in students and breathe life into the region. But they also create jobs, fresh ideas and new companies.

The question is: How well is the upstate economy capitalizing on its academic institutions?

That's the topic of our latest Innovation Conversation: Higher Ed's Impact.

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Tue May 22, 2012

Deputy Labor Secretary talks food processing at RIT

U.S. Labor Deputy Secretary Seth Harris toured RIT's Center for Integrated Manufacturing Studies before meeting with local business leaders.
Zack Seward WXXI

Deputy Labor Secretary Seth Harris was in Rochester Monday checking in on a federally-funded program designed to boost the region's food processing industry.

Harris spoke at RIT to a body of local leaders about how government can team up with both higher ed and industry to create better business outcomes.

Harris says investing in Rochester's food manufacturers is all about creating jobs in a growing sector.

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