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Fri August 5, 2011

Trail guide: How the regional councils will actually work

Empire State Development CEO Ken Adams explained the state's new regional economic development councils to us. Be forewarned: "It gets a little wonky," he says.
Zack Seward WXXI

To date, everything about the state’s new regional economic development councils has been a little vague.

There have been plenty of “open for business” sound bites; plenty of talk about “job creation.” But not so much in terms of details - not so much in terms of mechanics.

With a billion dollars of state resources on the line, there seems to be a lot of half-answered questions: How do you get a team of 30 to agree upon a region’s economic future? How do you execute a $1 billion shot in the arm?

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Thu August 4, 2011

Syracuse council thinks upstate has a fighting chance for funds

Despite their dramatic difference in height, co-chairs Rob Simpson (center) and Nancy Cantor (to his right) say they're on the same page about the competitiveness of Central New York's regional council.
Emma Jacobs WRVO

Central New York leaders got into the competitive spirit of the governor's new economic development initiative at their first meeting today, with some fighting words.

From council co-chair, Nancy Cantor of Syracuse University:

"We know there's competition in this but we know we'll win."

And from the other chair, Rob Simpson of CenterState CEO:

"We will put forward one of the best plans in the state of New York, if not the best."

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Wed August 3, 2011

Western New York economic council gathers for the first time

Members of the Western New York Regional Economic Council met with the media after their inaugural meeting, which was closed to the public.
Daniel Robison WNED

The Cuomo Administration’s effort to improve how state money is invested in the private sector got off the ground today in Buffalo. The new Western New York Regional Economic Council met for the first time in a closed door meeting to determine what local assets could use help.

But the process for awarding those funds is still unclear.

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Tue August 2, 2011

Public not invited to initial regional council meetings

Invitation only: the governor's regional councils' inaugural meetings will be closed the public.
hyku via Flickr

New York’s new regional economic development councils are kicking off their first round of meetings this week - by kicking out the public.

Each one of the 10 councils is charged with crafting a plan to compete for a $1 billion pool of state funding, but it’s still unclear what that process will look like.

Yesterday, Governor Andrew Cuomo’s office announced that the first round of council meetings will begin on Wednesday, but from the looks of the press release, the public isn’t invited.

That doesn’t sit well with some good government groups.

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Fri July 29, 2011

Economic councils have arrived but will new jobs follow?

Governor Cuomo with Dr. Shirley Ann Jackson, president of the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. She was named a co-chair of the Capital Region council on Thursday.
Matt Ryan WMHT

Governor Andrew Cuomo was in Schenectady yesterday continuing his push for economic growth, this time taking a harder line about the competitive element of the project.

"Some communities, frankly, [will] come up with good plans, and some communities, frankly, [won't] come up with good plans," the governor said. "And the communities that don't come up with good plans, it would be a waste to fund them."

But how do you put together a "good plan" - and how do you make it work?

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