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In the legislative session that recently ended, Governor Cuomo saw the state legislature reject a number of agenda items he’d been pushing. The governor, perhaps taking a cue from President Obama, has used his executive powers to advance some of the proposals anyway.

Hochul: "I don't harbor higher ambitions"

Jul 10, 2015


When will New York break the proverbial glass ceiling and elect its first female governor?  Well, if you listen to current Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul she doesn't have the answer but she knows it won't be her.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has appointed the state attorney general as a temporary  special prosecutor to over see cases where a civilian is killed by a police officer.

Cuomo, saying there is a “crisis of confidence” in the criminal justice system, signed an executive order to have the state’s attorney general  take over from local district attorneys, anytime a unarmed civilian is killed in an encounter with police, and there are questions about what happened.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s tax-reduction plan includes a much-discussed property tax cap. But there’s another part that has unfolded with less fanfare. It pushes local governments to consolidate services in order to save money.

What does that consolidation look like? The Tompkins County 911 center is a good example. It runs 911 operations for the whole county. Assistant dispatch director Brian Wilbur lists the agencies that use the dispatch center:

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A bill that would repeal a few provisions of New York’s controversial gun law – the SAFE Act – heads to the state Assembly. But, that chamber is not likely to pass it.

It’s no secret the SAFE Act has been unpopular among pro-gun groups since its passage in 2013.

And Monday, the Republican-controlled Senate voted to get rid of certain pieces of the law. With their changes, family members could inherit semi-automatic guns when the owner dies. And it would ban background checks for people buying bullets.