Nuclear power


(WRVO) Exelon Corp. says its Nine Mile Point Nuclear Station in Scriba, Oswego County, is losing money and it is hoping for financial assistance from New York state in the near future.

Joseph Dominguez, Exelon's executive vice president for governmental affairs, said the nuclear plant is not making enough money to break even because of falling energy prices, a similar situation for the company's Ginna plant in Ontario, Wayne County, and for Entergy's Fitzpatrick Nuclear Plant near Syracuse, which is slated for closure next year.

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The Nuclear Regulatory Commission has finalized its recent finding about the Ginna nuclear power plant in Wayne County, and as a result, the NRC will increase its level of oversight of that plant.  The government agency had found what is called a "white” safety finding, meaning that it was of low to moderate significance.

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The U.S. is the world’s largest nuclear power producer, and more than a quarter of New York’s electricity is supplied by atomic energy. As older nuclear plants in the state, and across the US, reach the end of their operational life, managing the nuclear waste left behind has become an ongoing national issue.

For nearly half a century, western New York has been home to one of the nation’s most unique nuclear facilities. The West Valley nuclear site, 30 miles south of Buffalo, is the only commercial nuclear reprocessing plant to have operated in the United States. (Video tour of the facility after the jump)