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N.Y. tax cap pinch causing concern

Feb 10, 2016

Local governments and schools say they are struggling over a property tax cap that will allow what amounts to a 0 percent increase in tax levies in the coming year.

But Gov. Andrew Cuomo says they’ll likely have to stick with those rules.

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With less than two weeks left in the legislative session, Senate Democrats are staging a renewed push to pass a collection of 11 bills they claim will create thousands of jobs.

But the package would cost the state more than $100 million.

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When New York Republicans regained control of the state Senate after last November’s election, a small subset of political observers suspected it meant one thing: The Senate’s first ever Chief Information Officer (CIO) was on his way out of Albany.

Andrew Hoppin - the former rocket scientist turned NASA web guru - was brought on as Senate CIO by a newly empowered Democratic majority in 2009. Hoppin was charged with overhauling a then-clunky, and making public data more widely accessible.

Some of Hoppin's accomplishments include powering the Senate website with open source software, allowing for online public comment on Senate legislation and even rolling out the country’s first legislative iPhone app.

The Innovation Trail profiled Hoppin (with both radio and television pieces) last summer. So when we saw that he was on his way out of Albany, we thought we’d ask him a few questions.

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Even after the recount is done and the election is resolved, the New York State Senate might still be deadlocked on several high profile pieces of economic legislation.

Here’s a quick recap: More than two weeks after Election Day, three Senate races are still too close to call with control of the Senate majority hinging on the results.