There was plenty of content for followers of the innovation economy in the President's State of the Union last night. 

The middle section of the address touched on some hot topics like 3D printing, a turnaround in off-shoring, manufacturing hubs and a big chunk on renewable energy.

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Firearm manufacturer Remington Arms is a part of New York's long tradition of manufacturing, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand says, but using taxpayer dollars to make sure they stay in upstate New York is up to the governor.

The Democrat was on the road in western and central New York on Monday promoting her "Made in America Manufacturing Act," her first bill of the new Congress which is aimed at boosting advanced manufacturing. 

Answering an off-topic question from the Innovation Trail's Ashley Hassett, the senator expressed her support for the tradition of New York manufacturing as exemplified by companies like Remington Arms, which has been in the news as New York has debated gun control.

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In collaboration with WNYC/New York Public Radio, the Innovation Trail has researched and produced a series of programs on the economics of gun manufacturing and retail in New York state.

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Upstate New York is still experiencing a skills gap in regional labor forces with an estimated 50-thousand high-tech jobs still unfilled, many of them in the advanced manufacturing sector. The Washington D.C. -based think-tank, the Brookings Institution, has recently proposed a plan that would address the issue nationwide.

General Motors unveiled its new 2014 Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra models Thursday. The engines for the new lines are being built in western New York.