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This morning, doors will open on a new factory in Conklin, N.Y. for the Denmark-based Impress Group. An official from the Broome County Industrial Development Agency (BCIDA) described the facility, which will make metal lids for the tops of cans, as representing a blend of the region's old tech manufacturing legacy with new, high-tech production. 

Image of MIT professor Richard Lester.
Zack Seward / WXXI

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to attend a discussion before the final lecture in the Rochester Institute of Technology's innovation series.

We had Finger Lakes business leaders, guest lecturer Richard Lester of MIT, and Democratic assemblyman Joe Morelle around the table.  After an hour of talking the conclusion was pretty stark:  New York is not good at helping small business thrive.

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The Washington Post has a comprehensive story on the last General Electric factory in America that makes incandescent light bulbs. Later this month it's shutting its doors for good.

The headline: "How innovation killed the lights."

It's true. When it comes to jobs, innovation can both giveth and taketh away.