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Wed November 10, 2010
High-speed rail

NYS to Wisconsin: We'll take your high-speed rail money!

High-speed rail funding is getting political.
Bruce Tuten via Flickr

Rochester is having its high-speed rail hearing tonight. It's the latest in a series of public meetings that the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) has been putting on around the state.

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Thu October 28, 2010

Counting a cyclotron before it hatches

Announcing that Congress is likely to approve $4.6 million for a cycltron, UB President John Simpson and Rep. Louise Slaughter heralded its future possible benefits in the press conference.
Daniel Robison WNED

A $4.6 million line item that would provide funds for the University at Buffalo to buy a new piece of medical research equipment is currently sitting in a Congressional bill.  Despite the fact the bill has yet to come to a vote, UB officials are already using the promise of the money as a promotional tool.

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Mon October 25, 2010
High-Speed Rail

$28 million more awarded to upstate rail projects

Rep. Louise Slaughter at today's announcement.
Zack Seward WXXI

Rep. Louise Slaughter was in Rochester today to announce that the local Amtrak station was getting some federal money for upgrades ($1.5 million, to be precise). But the bigger news out of today's press conference was that more than $28 million in federal grants will be going to three upstate projects. Today's big rail winner: the Syracuse area. Say hello to $18 million for track and signal improvements.

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Sat October 23, 2010
High-Speed Rail

Are there or aren’t there plans for a third track?

Whether upstate New York is getting a dedicated passenger-only third track spanning the entire Empire corridor is under discussion.
Seth Anderson via Flickr

State officials know they want to bring high-speed rail to New York, but what the final project will look like, and how many billions of dollars it will cost haven’t yet been determined.

That’s because the New York Department of Transportation must finish an environmental impact study to determine what the state needs/wants in terms of rail improvements.

One much-discussed feature of rail upgrades in upstate New York is a dedicated third track to alleviate congestion along the Empire Corridor.

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