Screen capture / Landman Report Card

As part of our story about landmen in the Marcellus Shale, we spoke with Chris Csikszentmihályi, who co-created the "Landman Report Card" project.

But Csikszentmihályi didn't just create one website to help track fracking - he created three.

  •, where homeowners can give landmen letter grades
  •, where people can track news reports about oil and gas
  •, where property owners can record all the drilling activity going on in their neighborhood, on a well-by-well basis

Together those sites comprise the MIT Media Lab's "extrACT projects," and they've taught Csikszentmihályi valuable lessons about natural gas and web 2.0.

Emma Jacobs / WRVO

The front line of the controversial expansion of natural gas drilling isn’t a meadow in Pennsylvania or New York.

That’s where landowners meet with landmen - the fleet of salesmen that gas companies use to convince landowners to sign drilling leases.