ithaca college

AtomicShed / via Flickr

Throughout our Ithaca series it’s become clear that if Ithaca wants to compete with the big guns - like Stanford and MIT - it needs to reach a point of critical mass, in terms of industry, ideas, and entrepreneurs.  Cornell is chasing those front-runners, but it’s a big job for a small place like Ithaca.

Take Charles Hamilton: He’s become a recognizable figure in Ithaca’s entrepreneurial circuit since getting his MBA from Cornell.

As he explains it, “I’ve had some success in the area ... I’ve run companies that have hired a lot of people and raised quite a lot of outside funding.”

As a result, Hamilton gets asked to speak a lot about starting businesses at forums around Ithaca (case in point - here he lays down some wisdom).

“Which is fantastic,” Hamilton says. “I’m happy to talk about it. But it would be great if, instead of calling Charles, they could call someone who could be a mentor to me who has built companies and sold companies.”

“There are a few people like that in the area. There aren’t very many,” he says.