Mon November 10, 2014

75 years ago, the pallet truck was invented in New York

Credit Matt Richmond/WSKG

On November 7, 1939, George G. Raymond received patents number 2 million 1hundred seventy eight thousand six hundred forty seven and forty eight. The patents were titled: ‘lift truck’ and ‘pallet’.

Or, in engineering speak:

“Two-faced pallets are used in connection with power-forked-tiering trucks. These power-forked-tiering trucks, we call them fork lifts today, not only transport the load but tier one load on top of the other. The bottom face of the pallet serves as a base for resting upon the load beneath.”

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Mon March 3, 2014
Innovation Friday

Innovative policy and community engagement keys to renewal

Former Packard Plant, Detroit
Wikipedia Commons

Two recent interviews by the Innovation Trail served as reminders of how often the ‘innovation conversation’ is framed in terms of technology and economics, rather than in terms of genuine public policy and dialogue.

They were both broadcast on WXXI's Connections with Evan Dawson Innovation Friday.

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Tue October 15, 2013

TEDx event aims to spark innovation and change in Buffalo

Journey's End Refugee Service's Bryana DiFonzo and Bishnu Adhikari
Ashley Hirtzel WBFO

The third annual TEDxBuffalo conference attracted more than 350 people this year. The event is modeled on the global Technology, Entertainment, Design conference format (TED), but focused on issues relevant to Buffalo.

Fifteen speakers had less than 20 minutes to share their innovative ideas and inspire people to get involved with different community organizations.

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Wed October 2, 2013
Startups and Innovation

Venture forum provides startups investment opportunities

Venture capitalist and investor Victor Hwang
Ashley Hirtzel WBFO

A venture forum held in Buffalo on Tuesday, gave dozens of local startup businesses an opportunity to link directly with potential investors.

The Bright Buffalo Niagara venture forum offered 35 high-tech start-up companies a chance to pitch their innovative ideas to entrepreneurs, capital investors, industry leaders and elected officials in an effort to gain capital. Twenty of the companies had 10 minutes to give their presentations, while 15 others had one minute.

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Tue August 27, 2013

Houseboat architect aims to inspire others to build their own

"The Pride of Buffalo"
Ashley Hirtzel WBFO

A geodesic houseboat called "The Pride of Buffalo" is being displayed at harbors around western New York for the next few weeks. Its builder, Michael Weekes, hopes to inspire others to build their own boats. 

It took Weekes roughly six weeks to build his geodesic houseboat. The wooden catamaran is currently docked at Buffalo’s Canalside for everyone to see. He says he wanted to make the boat large enough for taller people, like himself, to stand up comfortably.

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