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Tue September 13, 2011

Regional councils face scarce funds, tight deadlines

Lieutenant governor Bob Duffy has his work cut out for him this fall. He's serving as co-chair for all 10 councils.
Marie Cusick WMHT

After months of talk, and relatively few details, Governor Andrew Cuomo has finally unveiled his new economic development plan for the state.

He’s pushing a fast-paced approach that pits regions across New York against each other in a competition for state funding.

So how is it all supposed to work? Who’s involved? And what kind of results should we expect?

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Fri September 2, 2011
Storm cleanup

Rural communities hit hard by Irene

New York's agricultural community has lost nearly $45 million in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene.

Yesterday, we visited Schoharie County, outside Albany, where farmers and residents are just beginning to wrap their minds around the level of destruction.

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Fri September 2, 2011
Storm cleanup

Irene flooding destroys 140,000 acres of New York farmland

Yesterday, farmers in the Schoharie Valley met with New York's Agriculture and Markets Commissioner Darrel Aubertine (second from right). They told him relief can't come fast enough.
Marie Cusick WMHT

Close to 140,000 acres of farmland were destroyed when the remnants of Hurricane Irene blew through upstate New York last weekend.

The historic covered wooden Blenheim Bridge, in Schoharie County, was one of the many covered bridges in the Northeast that washed away.

Along Main Street in the village of Schoharie, a makeshift sign commemorates the bridge’s demise, and hurls an old-fashioned insult at Irene, calling the storm a “Tory.”

That’s because this valley, 40 miles west of Albany, is known as the “Breadbasket of the American Revolution.” Its fertile lands helped feed revolutionary troops.

Now, buildings that have stood for centuries, and weathered a war, are gone.

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Wed August 31, 2011
Storm cleanup

Major cleanup underway after Irene "wreaked havoc" in NYS

A garage collapsed onto a car in Troy, N.Y. after Irene's heavy rains lead to a mudslide.
Marie Cusick WMHT

The Hudson Valley has been greeted with blue skies for much of the week, but the shadow of Irene will likely hang over the region for quite some time.

The electricity at Browns Brewing Company in Troy, N.Y.  was still off on Tuesday, as about 20 workers and a generator helped with cleanup.

The restaurant’s location overlooking the Hudson River has attracted customers for nearly two decades, but yesterday it was shuttered as crews shoveled up piles of mud left behind by floodwaters.

Gregg Stacy is the brewery’s director of marketing. He says the cleanup is going well, and they expect to re-open by Thursday, but the storm will still cost them about $20,000 in lost food and business.

“The next time something happens like this, we now know a little bit more how to prepare,” says Stacy. “The losses could have been a lot worse. We swung into action on Sunday and got everything to higher ground.”

It’s a lesson that many have learned in the Capital Region over the past few days.

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Fri August 19, 2011
Marcellus Shale

Gas panel combines fracking fans and foes to advise New York State

Natural gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale has sparked a major public debate. Last month, environmentalists came to Albany demanding an outright ban on hydrofracking.
Marie Cusick WMHT

As New York wrestles with how to regulate gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is bringing together people from both sides of the hydrofracking debate.

Sounds like things could get pretty heated, right? Wanna take a look inside?

Too bad, the public's not invited.

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