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Mon April 15, 2013

29.5% of recent high school graduates can't find work

The unemployment rate for recent high school graduates has nearly doubled since the recession began, leaving almost a third of them without work, according to a report from an economic think tank.

A new report by the Economic Policy Institute found that 29.5 percent of recent high school graduates that aren't going on to college don't have a full time job. That's up from 17.5 percent in 2007, before the recession began.

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Wed April 10, 2013
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SUNY Oswego looks to build 'innovation ecosystem'

It won't be a physical structure like some incubators. And it won't be trying to churn out startup businesses. Instead the incubator SUNY Oswego is launching this month will try to create an "innovation ecosystem."

The Thrive program will try and develop a new blueprint for Oswego's future, says Jeff Grimshaw, the director of business and community relations at SUNY Oswego. He notes that if new businesses were another outcome of the incubator, that would be a positive.

But the bigger goal is community engagement.

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Sat April 6, 2013

Salary prospects dim for the Class of 2013, more of the same ahead

Recent college graduates are facing smaller and smaller wages.
deanmeyersnet via Flickr

High paying jobs will remain elusive for the class of 2013 as a slow economic recovery drags on, according to numbers tallied by an economic policy center.

The Economic Policy Institute crunched some data compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and found starting salaries for 21-24-year old demographic entering the labor force continues to be lower than it was a a decade ago.

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Thu April 4, 2013

Upstate universities to be NASA competition sites


Two upstate universities have been chosen as host sites for the international NASA space apps challenge. The challenge, taking place this month, brings together collaborators in 41 different countries to solve some of the toughest challenges facing space exploration and society.

Syracuse University and Rochester Institute of Technology are among 18 US locations selected to participate in the international competition. Worldwide, 75 locations have been chosen as host sites.

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Sat November 24, 2012
Higher Ed

Law school program helps bring research to the market, for free

Syracuse University law professor Ted Hagelin lectures during his course on technology commercialization.
Credit NYS Science & Technology Law Center

Law students have often been used to help solve so-called ‘cold-cases’, but criminal law isn’t the only place their skills are being put to use.

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