Wed April 2, 2014

Anti-fracking activist fights Cabot injunction in court


“This is a fresh water impoundment being build on route 267.”

In one of the hundreds of videos Vera Scroggins has uploaded to YouTube, she films a bulldozer burp black smoke in the air as it moves dirt onto a 30-foot high pile. The bulldozer makes trip after trip. It dumps ever more dirt on the massive stack of earth.  

“That’s a lot of soil being moved around and there are a lot of houses right here.”

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Mon February 24, 2014

Water sale ban appealed

Painted Post, Corning aquifer

A year ago, environmental groups won a court injunction against the village of Painted Post, preventing them from continuing water shipments for fracking operations in Pennsylvania.

Monday morning, the case was brought before the State Supreme Appellate Division Court in Rochester, with officials from the town in Steuben County vying for a different outcome.

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Tue February 4, 2014
Fracking Health Study

Few details forthcoming on fracking health review

Karen DeWitt

Governor Cuomo’s Health Commissioner was questioned by lawmakers at a budget hearing about his on- going review of the health effects of hydro fracking.  But Dr. Nirav, Shah provided few details.

State lawmakers, at a budget hearing, peppered Governor  Shah, with questions about an ongoing health review on hydrofracking, which critics say has proceeded in near secrecy.

Assemblywoman Linda Rosenthal, from Manhattan’s Upper West Side, asked Dr. Shah what he’s been doing since the review was announced a year and a half ago .

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Mon February 3, 2014


Fri January 31, 2014
Fracking Lawsuit

New York landowners threaten lawsuit against the state over fracking review

The letter stated the DEC has until February 13th to release the report, known as the SGEIS. The state has had a de facto moratorium on hydrofacking for almost six years now.

Dan Fitzsimmons is President of the Joint Landowners Coalitions of New York and he says landowners have been waiting too long for the report.

“And it’s come to our attention that it is purely political reasons they’re not going forward with it. It’s time for us to have to actually take this into our own hands and file a lawsuit.”

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