Fracked Gas Pipelines: New York NOW

Feb 10, 2015

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Environmentalists are celebrating after Gov. Andrew Cuomo says there will be no hydrofracking in New York for now, citing inconclusive scientific evidence on the health effects of the gas drilling process.


"Considering the research, the public comments, relevant studies and the enormous record DEC has amassed on this issue, I have directed my staff to complete the secret process early next year by publishing a final SGEIS, I will then issue a legally binding finding statement prohibiting HVHF in New York state at this time."

That closing statement by the Commissioner of New York's Department of Environmental Conservation, Joe Martens shuts down the prospect of hydrofracking or high-volume hydraulic fracturing (HVHF) being permitted in New York state in the forseeable future.

A temporary ban on the controversial gas extraction method hydrofracking has dragged on for years. Even as the governor says a long-awaited study is nearing completion, a large group of local officials want the ban to continue.

Elected Officials to Protect New York, made up of more than 850 local-level elected officials, says Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s administration still has not properly studied fracking enough.

Karen DeWitt/WXXI

Opponents of hydro-fracking say they want Governor Cuomo to declare a three to five year moratorium on fracking in New York. The gas drilling process has been on hold for several years.

A coalition of groups, including the Natural Resources Defense Council, say Cuomo should immediately issue an executive order postponing any gas drilling in New York for the next three to five years. NRDC’s Kate Sinding says that’s preferable to trying to get a bill passed through a divided state legislature, where the Senate will be controlled by the Republicans in January.