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Wed February 12, 2014
Proposed Wine Tax

Wineries worry about proposed 'at rest' law for distributors

A proposed 'at rest' law for wine and liquor wholesalers would require wine being stored in New York before being sold.
Blue Square Thing via Flickr

Christopher Missick and his wife got into the wine business three years ago when they bought a winery along the west side of Seneca Lake. Last year he decided to break his Villa Bellangelo wines into the lucrative New York City market.

"We don’t have access to the huge distribution houses down there and we work with, for the most part, really high quality, but small family distributors," Missick said.

Missick’s distributor and other small operations working in New York City have their warehouse across the river in New Jersey, where real estate is cheaper.

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Mon December 2, 2013

Refugee communities diversify upstate business environment

Somali Community in Western New York

The desire for familiar food, clothing, and other products from home is spurring refugee communities in upstate New York to start their own businesses. In response, a group in Rochester has organized a six week startup business training course to help the Somali refugee community navigate the process.

“They can actually create their own little local economy where they can exchange, similar to what they had in Somalia,” says David Dey, president and CEO of the Institute for Social Entrepreneurship.

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Mon November 25, 2013
Natural Gas Storage

Natural gas divides Seneca Lake community

Arlington Storage Natural Gas Well Head.
Credit Jenna Flanagan / Innovation Trail

Jenna Flanagan reports on the community debate over a development that would see natural gas reserves stored in the salt caverns at Seneca Lake.

Arlington Storage, a company acquired by Inergy Midstream (now known as Crestwood Midstream since Oct. 7 2013), would operate this storage project. Natural gas from other states (where hydraulic fracturing is allowed) would be pumped in via underground pipes and stored in the caverns 2,000 feet below the surface.

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Wed November 20, 2013
Refugee Resettlement

Rochester seeks refugees to step into gap in health care services

Home health nurse Sarah Miner, right, talks to Abdalla about his medicines.
Kate O'Connell WXXI

The Innovation Trail is looking at how refugees have weaved their way into upstate New York's changing economy. You can find more from this series here.

This fall day, community health nurse Sarah Miner is welcomed warmly into the home of Somali refugee Abdallah. Miner works with HCR Home Care in Rochester and she’s been visiting Abdallah and his family for a while now.

On a normal visit she’d be accompanied by a member of the Somali community to act as translator and cultural liaison, but today she's flying solo. She’s reached a point where she can visit on her own, but that’s only because the family knows her.

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Tue October 29, 2013

Kodak stock to be listed on NYSE once more

Eastman Kodak Co.

Kodak will be a publicly traded company again as of Nov. 1. The imaging company has announced that it will list its common shares on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker symbol KODK.

CEO Antonio Perez calls it an important milestone for the company. He says the change in the symbol reflects a new company that is focusing on business to business products and services. The old symbol was EK.

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