Tue June 10, 2014

Environmentalists call for toxic site legislation as session closes

Credit http://www.epa.gov/brownfields/

Environmental advocates are pressing the state legislature to renew a toxic site cleanup program before the session wraps up in a few days, even though there seems little interest in taking up any big issues in Albany.

Environmentalists are holding up the toxic site cleanup program’s renewal as a measure of a successful legislative session. 

Both the Assembly and Senate have versions of a bill to renew a cleanup program for old industrial sites, known as brownfields. But environmentalists are calling on the governor to urge legislative leaders to act on the bills.

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Fri May 16, 2014

Report details the harmful effects of microbeads

Originally published on Fri May 16, 2014 10:06 am

The report: 'Unseen Threat: How Microbeads Harm New York Waters, Wildlife, Health And Environment.'

Attorney General Eric Schneiderman released a report Thursday detailing the dangers of the plastic beads found in face washes and cosmetic products. The study entitled “Unseen Threat: How Microbeads Harm New York Waters, Wildlife, Health And Environment” suggests there is an urgent need to pass a ban on microbeads.

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Sun March 2, 2014

Crude oil concerns at the Port of Albany

Albany residents at DEC public comment meeting over oil heating plans at the Port of Albany
Credit Jenna Flanagan / Innovation Trail

Call it a case of David vs Goliath. A fortune 500 oil company sets up shop at the Port of Albany and inside of a decade request the Department of Environmental Conservation to allow them to ‘modify’ their air quality permit. The changes go largely unnoticed until community members of Albany’s South End get wind of the project at the 11th hour, forcing the DEC to hold a public comment meeting. Environmental justice takes front stage as citizens attempt to take on Global Companies LLC.

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Mon February 17, 2014

Upstate institute to tackle global environmental issues

UB Geology professor Jason Briner conducting climate change research in Canada
Jason Briner

A new institute designed to tackle complex environmental issues across the globe has been launched in upstate New York.

This month, the University at Buffalo announced the launch of the RENEW (Research and Education in eNergy, Environment, and Water) program.

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Thu October 24, 2013

Remembering Love Canal, current residents say dangers still exist

Environmental activist Lois Gibbs (left) leads walking tour of her old neighborhood, which was heavily contaminated in the 1970s.
Ashley Hirtzel WBFO

In 1978, the government officially told residents in the Niagara Falls neighborhood that they were living in a toxic zone as their homes were built on an industrial waste site. Niagara Falls residents and activists commemorated the 35th anniversary of the Love Canal relocation on Tuesday with a walking tour.

The Love Canal case is considered by many to be a landmark in the development of the modern environmental movement.

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