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The Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) received good news last year: its four-year graduation rate rose by seven percent.

Still, nearly half the district’s high school students failed to earn a diploma.

The struggling urban school system continues to look for dramatic fixes. This year, the district is starting in Kindergarten.

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Welcome to the Wednesday Trail Mix from the Innovation Trail team.

The U.S. and Canada are going to try and speed up cross border shipping inspection to boost business effiency.

Kodak's latest job cuts might see it emerging sooner from Chapter 11.

The NSF is hoping to get more science majors interested in secondary education.

Anti-fracking protestors are planning to gather outside the Auburn NY Town Hall tonight.

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Welcome to the Trail Mix for Monday.

The real toll on the NY Thruway may well be the loss of jobs there.

What's the true environmental footprint of solar?

The dark arts of energy pricing will be revealed...

Technical education courses are having a positive impact on graduation rates at Syracuse high schools.

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Here's your Trail Mix for Tuesday.

Why are so many Gen-Yers ending up in retail?

Production from nearly 37,000 farms keeps New York up there with the best in the nation.

A Brooklyn architect makes plans for an urban farm in Buffalo.

Bloomberg says that natural gas is crucial to the future of New York City.

Rochester school attendance figures may be as low as 50%.

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Welcome to another week of reporting from the Innovation Trail team and here's the Monday Trail Mix.

Dept of Energy says wind power is "facing uncertain times".

Onondaga County in Syracuse invests in synthetic drug testing capability.

Buffalo Business First is reporting a small increase in available jobs and Rochester-region jobs reflects that trend.

Public school enrollments down across NY state.

Jamesville-based Resource Recovery Facility wins gold medal for its sustainable waste management.