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Ashley Hassett / WBFO

Buffalo hosted the 11th annual Business Alliance for Local Living Economies or the BALLE business conference this year. The event brought together over 600 self-described “localists” from around the continent who all share the idea that local businesses are key to solving community problems.

Director of the Sustainable Business Alliance in Oakland, California Erin Kilmer-Neel, spoke at the conference.

Ashley Hassett / WBFO

A national sensor and software company has relocated to western New York. Sentient Science moved from Idaho into the historic Butler Mansion in Buffalo to work with the University at Buffalo’s material science program.

Sentient Chief Scientist Nathan Bolander says their computational tool “Digital Clone” provides services to the U.S. and Canada.  

Monroe Community College economic development report

Community colleges are having a large economic impact on their home counties upstate, according to new research.

A report focused on Monroe Community College (MCC) in Western New York, calculated the institution has an annual impact of more than $710 million in Monroe County.

Karen DeWitt

Advocates for a minimum wage hike rallied at the State Capitol, amid growing signals that there might not be a special session to deal with the issue, or any items at all this year.

The rally, organized by churches located near the State Capitol , as well as statewide religious groups,  used words like faith and morals when talking about the connection they see between the growth of people coming to food pantries and the state’s stagnant minimum wage.

Colleges and universities are becoming an even bigger part of upstate New York's economy, according to a new report by a group that represents private institutions in the state.

The Commission on Independent Colleges and Universities (CICU) says its impact on the state's economy has risen 16.4 percent since 2009 to $63.2 billion worth of activity. About a third of that, $22.8 billion, is in upstate.