college affordability

Earlier this month, President Obama said he wants to give all students, regardless of income, two free years of community college.

“Right here, right now, I’m going to announce one of my most important State of the Union proposals,” he said in a speech at Pellissippi State Community College on January 9, “And that’s helping every American afford a higher education.”

A Buffalo charter school leader has created several mobile apps that aim to break down roadblocks for low-income and first generation college bound students. The apps help students find the best college for their career goals and financial situation.

Ellen Abbott

President Obama continues his tour of upstate New York Friday, with an agenda geared towards more affordable college education.

Speaking at Henninger High School in Syracuse Thursday night he outlined a three-pronged plan to make a college education more affordable for the middle class.

Eileen Buckley/WBFO

On the first scheduled speaking event of his bus tour through upstate New York and Pennsylvania, President Obama outlined his plans to increase college affordability.