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Five years ago, Penn Yan’s Main Street shopping area featured a lot of empty windows: 12 out of 50.  Today, only two vacancies remain. Steve Griffin, who heads the Finger Lakes Economic Development Center, credits a few specific improvements - like a nearby redevelopment project and the opening of a downtown gallery. But he says, it also has a lot to do with a change in attitude.

Tuesday’s fiscal cliff package included extensions to a range of business-related tax credits, including one aimed at supporting research and development. Although Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse have some of the most active R&D economies in the country, experts say the deal could be a double-edged sword for upstate. 

Is Apple coming to the Capital?

Dec 11, 2012
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Good Morning.

Is Apple (or rather its suppliers) behind the rather poetically named Project Azalea - a plan for a costly ($10 billion/three Tappan-Zee-bridge-replacements) manufacturing facility 3.2 million square feet in size? Well the same rumors are floating around from macdailynews

Fred Dicker asked Governor Cuomo about it during his program on Talk1300AM, and his comments are above. He doesn't really answer the question.

It's been a good year for the New York wine industry, (D&C)

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Food company announces major investment in Buffalo HQ

Nov 26, 2012

Rich Products is making a major investment at its Niagara Street headquarters in Buffalo.  The company has announced it will invest $18.45 million to expand and create a Customer Innovation Center.

A range of grants were announced today by the Board of the Empire State Development Agency after a meeting in New York City by its Board of Directors. The ESD says that the funding of just under $25 million will result in $116.5 million in additional investments.

By its own estimation, the funds will create 236 new jobs and support the retention of 784 current positions.