Wed March 11, 2015

WATCH: Researchers at URMC launch app to track Parkinson's symptoms

Gary Hilburger was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease more than a decade ago.
Michelle Faust/WXXI News



The mPower app measures balance, gait, and changes in manual dexterity and voice through a series of daily tasks and sensors on the iphone.

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Thu February 20, 2014

AT&T sponsors upstate mobile app challenges

Kate O'Connell

AT&T has thrown its support behind a two-month virtual hackathon aimed at creating smartphone apps that serve community needs in upstate New York. The AT&T Rochester Civic App Challenge was launched Thursday in partnership with the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). And, it will have an $18,000 prize pool to attract local developers.

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Mon November 26, 2012

How to track roadkill on your smartphone (seriously)

Danielle Garneau enters data about a dead skunk on Route 22B outside of Plattsburgh.
Sarah Harris NCPR

We’ve all seen or experienced it – unfortunate wildlife dashes in front of a car at just the wrong time - and its remains splatter across the road. But Danielle Garneau, a wildlife ecologist at SUNY Plattsburgh, says the roadkill we’re likely to see on roads this holiday season can teach us a lot.

She’s using a new smartphone app for citizen scientists.

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