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Thu August 22, 2013

New study links excessive copper intake to Alzheimer's

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Copper is an important aspect of proper nutrition, and vital for us to maintain a healthy body. But upstate researchers have concluded too much copper in our diet could be a contributing factor in the onset and progression of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Tue August 13, 2013

Digital tools helping to keep off the "Freshman 15"

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It used to be the "Freshman 5." Now it’s the "Freshman 15." But students going off to college this fall now have new digital tools available to help them stay healthy.

On-demand digital health information being provided by colleges seems to be helping control those extra pounds undergraduates can put on.

Dietician Colleen Dour evaluated the effectiveness of a computer-based wellness program in a study for Syracuse University. The program focuses on wellness and body image, rather than dieting.

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Wed June 5, 2013
Higher Ed

Second round of SUNY 2020 Challenge Grants awarded

A group of central New York public colleges is among the winners of the governor's second round of the SUNY 2020 Challenge Grant program.

The state's College of Environmental Science and Forestry, Upstate Medical University and Onondaga Community College in Syracuse and SUNY Oswego teamed up for the program.

They were awarded $15 million to start an institute of environmental health and medicine.

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Thu May 16, 2013

Research torpedo away: vehicle collecting data on Lake Ontario

Mike Satchwell from SUNY-ESF launches a research vehicle into Lake Ontario as Russ Miller from the University of Michigan looks on.
Ryan Delaney WRVO

A small cylinder armed with research equipment is bobbing through Lake Ontario this week. It’s collecting data from a seasonal temperature barrier known as a thermal bar.

Researchers this morning launched the yellow torpedo-like vehicle into the lake this morning off the shore in Oswego. It's already navigated around Sodus Bay. It will also travel out from Rochester and Oak Orchard shorelines.

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Mon May 6, 2013

Upstate researchers tackle toilet training for autistic children

University of Rochester researching are working on a sensor system to toilet train autistic children.
Universtiy of Rochester

The Innovation Trail's Kate O'Connell talks to the creators of the toilet training technology.
Listen to Dan Mruzek explain what a standard day of toilet training would look like using this technology.

Researchers in upstate New York have developed a wearable sensor system that will help toilet train autistic children. The device, created at the University of Rochester, involves a moisture pager that can connect to a smartphone app and alert caregivers to accidents.

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