Wilmorite announces more details about outlet mall concept

Apr 5, 2017
Originally published on April 4, 2017 5:57 pm

Wilmorite, the company that owns the major local shopping malls, has announced more details of the plans to change Marketplace Mall in Henrietta into a venue for outlet stores.

Officials say that Wilmorite has purchased the Macy’s building, which is a key step in that process. The Macy’s at that mall is closing as part of earlier announced plans by the chain to close dozens of stores around the country.

The Macy’s building and parcel are considered critical to attracting restaurant and outlet retailers to the outlet concept. Wilmorite officials say preliminary plans include demolishing part of the Macy’s building to make way for two freestanding restaurants and a new entrance to the mall.

Two other stores, Express and LOFT will convert their stores from full price to outlet stores in the coming months.

Wilmorite also announced that Express and LOFT will convert to outlet stores in the coming months.

Wilmorite Senior Vice President Dennis Wilmot says it will likely be sometime next year when the company is able to make announcements about the other stores.

“We remain optimistic that probably by next year we will have or at least have announced that most of the new tenants that will be coming to the mall, but like a lot of things there’s uncertainty and market dynamics involved but securing the Macy’s building in our opinion is a huge step forward to getting closer to that goal."

Wilmot says currently more than 80 percent of the Marketplace stores are occupied, and that's one reason why it will take some time to convert to the outlet concept

A consultant called The Outlet Resource Group is working with Wilmorite on the project, and its principle, David Hinkle said in a statement that “these positive announcements further demonstrate the strength of the Marketplace location.”