Whole Foods project in Brighton moves forward

Mar 29, 2018
Originally published on March 29, 2018 5:32 am

The proposal for the Whole Foods project in Brighton has taken a big step forward.

On Wednesday night the Town Board approved what is known as “a Findings Statement” under the State Environmental Quality Review Act, which addresses potential environmental impacts,  and it also approved the incentive zoning application for the project.

The project to bring in the popular Whole Foods grocery chain along with other retail businesses by the Daniele Family Companies has generated a lot of controversy, particularly from some neighbors of the project, concerned about increased traffic in the area, and a group called Save Monroe Avenue, consisting of some local businesses.

That group also criticized the addition of the Whole Foods measures to Wednesday night’s agenda, saying that the public didn’t get enough advance notice the items would be on the agenda.

The developers of the project made certain revisions to the proposal after town officials asked them to reduce the size of the project.

There are still other approvals needed in the process, and the possibility of a legal challenge, but Town Supervisor Bill Moehle told the D&C that there has already been a lot of public input and town officials have listened.

He said, “We’ve changed this project, we’ve made it better and I believe it’s now a project that can enhance this community.”