URMC to occupy College Town space formerly used by Constantino's Market

May 8, 2017
Originally published on May 8, 2017 4:07 pm

There’s a new use for the space at College Town in Rochester formerly occupied by Constantino’s Market.

The development company has announced that the University of Rochester Medical Center will expand patient services into that site and may also use the spot for some administrative space.

Cass McRory is director of marketing for College Town. She says this type of use makes a lot of sense and should help nearby businesses.

“The proximity to the medical center makes it a great choice for the university and bringing more people to College Town to frequent the other businesses that are already there and thriving is another upside. We’re excited to have those new patients come in to campus at College Town and seeing what else is there.”

Constantino’s, a Cleveland-based supermarket company, pulled out of the space at College Town last year, less than a year from the time it first got into that location.

There have been some stores leaving and coming in since College Town began in 2014, but McCrory says that’s normal with any new development and she says they are still positive about the future direction of the complex on Mount Hope Avenue.