Tell us if the new NY gun laws will affect your business or livelihood

Feb 7, 2013

In collaboration with WNYC/New York Public Radio, the Innovation Trail has researched and produced a series of programs on the economics of gun manufacturing and retail in New York state.

This series can be reviewed here and is intended to provide additional context for the discussions generated by the passing of the NY SAFE Act, which has implications for manufacturers, business owners and gun enthusiasts.

Now we'd like to hear more from you about whether the laws are going to directly affect you, the people you know or the business you do.

You may work in the arms manufacturing industry yourself or have a family member who does.

You may own a business that now has new demands placed on it by the additional regulations.

We'd like to hear your viewpoint and you can do it by taking a few moments to share your thoughts on our survey page. Your response will inform our ongoing reporting of this issue.

The survey page can be found here.