Success Looks Like Me: City students learn about STEM careers

Apr 25, 2016
Originally published on April 25, 2016 9:30 am

The Communities of Giving Legacy Initiative's Success Looks Like Me project is helping some Buffalo Public high school students learn about STEM careers in the automotive world. WBFO's Focus on Education Reporter Eileen Buckley tells us this program provides low-income, minority students with a chance to interact with local and national leaders of color who are successful adults. 

"Preparing the next generation for the new economy and STEM is so important," said Jennifer Parker, Founder of Success Looks Like Me.  Parker  has been escorting groups of students on trips to General Motors facilities in Detroit and New York City.

“To see their headquarters and learn about all of the array of opportunities for them, if they got degrees in STEM,” explained Parker. 

Students had chance to interact with successful GM leaders learning how they too can achieve and they are offered advice for STEM careers.

Burgard High School senior Keyan Overton recently traveled to the Cadillac headquarters in New York City.

“We got to ask them ‘how do you like your jobs’, what do they like most about General Motors’. Basically about their company, how much they appreciate it,” said Overton.

Second year Riverside High school student Dialo Rivera Stevens also traveled to New York City.  He says they are told to make sure they graduates from high school. 

“Just like motivated me to do better because I’m so use to being in Buffalo when I go out and see other things, it kind of makes you think of doing something better with your like – kind of motivated me to become something better in the future,” Stevens said.

Parker noted the trips are inspiring and motivating for the students.  

“It not only includes General Motors and STEM related activities, but educational and cultural opportunities – where it opens their eyes to a whole new world,” stated Parker.

“Kind of a different world. I’ve seen different things. I never seen a downtown that big before. We went to the theater, the Apollo,” responded Stevens.

“I loved it. It was my first time on a plane and me, I love cars, so for me it was amazing to see all the different cars and how they have people actually to examine all their company cars,” noted Overton. 

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