Spring storm slams Northeast

Apr 23, 2012

We have a wintry Trail Mix for you today:

The Northeast gets hammered with April (snow) showers.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pays a visit to Syracuse.

Plus, a battle over the beer business in Albany.

Upstate cities

A powerful nor'easter is delivering snow and rain to much of New York and Pennsylvania (Bob Lentz, Associated Press).

Hillary Clinton is in Syracuse today, for a policy discussion on "America and the World" (Mark Weiner, Syracuse Post Standard).

Teri Weaver covers the fiscal troubles facing upstate cities (Syracuse Post Standard).

A new study finds that limiting urban sprawl can also limit carbon emissions (Ryan Delaney, WRVO/Innovation Trail).


A Philadelphia company is testing a pilot project to create geothermal energy from sewage (Andrew Maykuth, Philadelphia Inquirer).

Technology is helping Syracuse Police reconstruct crime scenes (Syracuse Post Standard).

Western New York libraries are going the way of grocery stores, and embracing  self-checkout systems (Stephen T. Watson, Buffalo News).


Buffalo News columnist David Robinson argues that even a "flawed" Industrial Development Agency policy related to rehabbing old buildings can sometimes make sense (Buffalo News).

A bill in Albany has sparked a dispute over contracts between craft brewers and beer distributors (Jimmy Vielkind, Times Union).