Rochester Red Wings to stay at Frontier Field; deal reached with Monroe County

Aug 30, 2017
Originally published on August 30, 2017 6:02 am

The Rochester Red Wings will continue to play at Frontier Field for many years into the future. That was the message from Monroe County Executive Cheryl Dinolfo and Naomi Silver, the CEO for Rochester community baseball, as they announced a new lease agreement Tuesday.

There were concerns raised in recent days the two sides were close to being at an impasse in their lease negotiations, and what that would mean for the future of the Triple-A baseball team in Rochester.

But both Dinolfo and Silver were all smiles at their late afternoon news conference. A lot of details have not been released yet, except that it will be a 10-year lease agreement with a 10-year option to renew.

WXXI news asked Silver if the new agreement will increase prices for the fans; She wouldn’t be too specific, but did indicate they were trying to keep things on an even keel.

“Without making any promises I’m going to say that we have tried to structure this so we wouldn’t have to make any immediate changes and that it wouldn’t hurt or the fan in any way.”

Silver said that, “our desire has always been to come to an agreement which would ensure the long term success of the team so that the Red Wings will be able to continue to provide entertainment which is high quality and affordable for this community.”

Dinolfo says the Wings are an important part of this community.

“As we attract businesses to come to Monroe County, as we encourage people to live here in Monroe County, we have to provide quality of life that people can be proud of and we can certainly be proud of the quality of life enhancement that the Rochester Red Wings bring to Monroe County.”

There are no specifics yet on what the new agreement may mean for local taxpayers. But Dinolfo says that she is confident the agreement that was reached protects the taxpayers and is one that they can feel confident and comfortable with

Randy Mobley is the president of the International League, and he says these were very important talks. He says the league was actually starting to have to think about other places the Wings could play if a deal could not be reached, but he is very happy an agreement was worked out.

For one thing, Mobley notes Rochester fans are very knowledgeable about their team.

"The people have an appreciation for the history, they know about the governor's cup, they know about the old Triple-A World Series; we can't go everywhere in the league and that be the case. So, there's a lot of reasons, sentimental and otherwise why Rochester is very important to this league, and from a league standpoint, it's a tremendous day.”

The new lease deal will need to be approved by the county legislature.