Records reveal questions Cuomo didn't want to answer

Mar 2, 2012

Good morning, and happy Friday! Today in your trail mix:

Kodak is no longer among Rochester's top employers.

More details emerge about what Governor Cuomo leaves off his transparency website.

Advice for anyone who is creeped out by Google's new privacy policy.

#ROC tech

After declaring bankruptcy earlier this year, Kodak is no longer among Rochester's top 5 employers (Zack Seward, Innovation Trail).

Meanwhile, Shutterfly has offered Kodak close to $23.8 million for its photo gallery (Matthew Daneman, Democrat and Chronicle).

A high-tech nanotechnology manufacturer in Canandaigua has received a new designation that could lead to more jobs (Tom Tobin, Democrat and Chronicle).

City schools in Rochester are jumping on the iPad bandwagon, but they're targeting their use at students with disabilities (Tiffany Lankes, Democrat and Chronicle).

Industrial Development Agencies

The Erie County Industrial Development Agency is appointing three new board members, but hasn't taken action on a proposal to end tax breaks to retail and local service industry projects (Matt Glynn, Buffalo News).

Speaking of Industrial Development Agencies, the Innovation Trail is taking a closer look at them. Stay tuned for more reports from us.

Questions Cuomo would prefer not to answer...

Thanks to freedom of information law requests from the New York Times and the Associated Press, we know more about the questions from the public that the governor didn't want to answer in a live chat on his new transparency website, CitizenConnects.

You may recall that we also raised some questions about the site back in January.

Online privacy

Does Google's new privacy policy creep you out? Here's some advice on what to do (Sam Grobart, New York Times).