Ready for the $6 gallon of milk?

Dec 13, 2012

Good Morning.

Don't forget the Farm Bill. Yet another deadline looming for the House of Representatives, reports the Times-Standard.

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It's also on the radar of NY Senator Chuck Schumer reports David Sommerstein for NCPR.

The New York State Public Service Commission meets today. Might be worth checking in if you're interested in the activities of the Energy Research and Development Authority.


New York's ranked in the Top 10 for jobs in the Semiconductor Industry according to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and interpretation from the industry's association.

Credit BLS and Semiconductor Industry Assocation

R & D  

R.I.T. is distributing $100,000 amongst a set of student-led teams to fire up research on technologies to assist people with disability in the Rochester community. (R.I.T.)

Long live Super 8 film! Kodak is releasing a new daylight stock next month. (Shootonline).

Climate change is shaping our decisions around food, and impacting on obesity, reports


New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is keeping busy and is now looking into some Southern Tier town boards where there are allegations of conflicts of interest related to votes on natural gas drilling. (Gannett)

Brownfield sites are providing health care providers with viable development options thanks to a range of grants and incentives reports the NYTimes.

Even though gas prices would probably go up if U.S. shale gas is exported, the benefits for industry stakeholders would offset the costs, according to The Department of Energy. Tom Wilber in his Shale Gas Review has more.


Albany is examining ways to reconnect parts of the city the Hudson River. Only problem is that the Interstate 787 currently cuts off three and a half miles of the waterfront, reports the Times Union.


Upstate education stakeholder Monroe Community College may have plans for some of the old Kodak facility on State Street in Rochester, New York. (