The People's State of the State

Jan 7, 2014

Activists at the People's State of the State speech hold up report card for Governor Cuomo
Credit Jenna Flanagan / Innovation Trail

It’s a cold day in New York State, but a handful of activists braved the single digit temperatures for the People’s State of the State in Albany.

They brought with them a progress report card for the governor letting him know he 'has not met their expectations.'

Claiming Governor Cuomo has turned a cold shoulder to the state’s struggling middle class and working poor, activists at the People’s State of the State laid out an indictment of Cuomo’s economic policies.

Protester and organizer Marc Dunley, Executive Director of the Hunger Action Network of New York says the governor’s policies need significant improvement.

“There are other people in New York besides the 1% which the governor should pay attention to and particularly he never admits that New York has the worst problem of income inequality in America.”

The protest, held annually on the eve of the State of the State speech, culminates with the delivery of their report card to the governor himself.

Cuomo spent his afternoon meeting with Vice President Joe Biden discussing the aid received for Hurricane Sandy relief and was unavailable to receive his report card. A representative for the governor received it on his behalf.

The governor will deliver his annual State of the State starting at one-thirty p.m. Wednesday.