Occupy Wall Street meets fracking opposition via Pledge of Resistance

Sep 17, 2012

Welcome to the Monday Trail Mix from the Innovation Trail team.

The full audio of Matt Richmond's terrific documentary about what hydrofracking would mean to one Southern Tier community is now available on demand.

Tom Wilber writes in his excellent blog on the shale gas debate that anti-fracking protestors may take their inspiration from the 1960's Civil Rights Movement playbook.

Coincidentally, the FBI has reached the next stage of rolling out its face recognition software.


A new cord blood facility will get underway at the Upstate University Hospital site in the town of Onondaga reports The Post-Standard's Teri Weaver.

Artists rendering of the Upstate Cord Blood Bank in Onondaga


The Federal Bureau of Investigation is moving forward with its NGI (Next Generation Identification) system reports rt.com

Credit FBI

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Representative Louise Slaughter were on the road Friday talking up the proposed Waterfront Brownfields Revitalization Act reports WBFO. Here's the Innovation Trail's Daniel Robison's report on the cleanup of the Buffalo river and waterfront, and a busy Ryan Delaney has more on the proposed Waterfront Brownfields Revitalization Act here.


Some fracking opponents look set to consider some serious civil disobedience writes Tom Wilber and you can read the text of the Pledge of Resistance that's collected around 5,000 signatures here.*

*This link is provided for information only and does not reflect an editorial position on the topic by the Innovation Trail.