Monroe County CSEA unit ratifies new 5-year contract

Mar 10, 2017
Originally published on March 10, 2017 6:30 am

According to union officials, a majority of CSEA Monroe County Employees Unit 7400 have voted to ratify a new five year contract.

That unit is the largest union representing county workers, and it includes about 1,800 employees. They have been working without a contract since the previous deal expires in late 2013.

The new five-year agreement guarantees a 10 percent cost of living increase over the life of the contract plus other bonuses. CSEA says that after complete ratification all employees will receive modest increases and bonuses in their annual base salary over time to be paid 60 days after the county legislature and county executive approve the contract.

The union says that depending on an employee’s hire date, some workers will pay a slightly higher contribution percentage for healthcare over time. Effective July 1, employees must have 15 years of continuous service with the county to qualify for retiree health insurance.

CSEA Unit President Jim D’Amico says that the new contract “required compromise and sacrifice on both sides and we believe it’s respectful to taxpayers, management and employees alike.”

The CSEA unit represents workers in many departments of county government, including human services, parks, environmental services, law enforcement and finance.