Freelance Fridays offers a space to work

Jan 23, 2017
Originally published on January 23, 2017 2:45 pm

Freelancers seeking a spot to plug in and work can try Freelance Fridays at the Rochester Brainery.

Danielle Raymo owns the community classroom and event space, and says as a freelancer herself, it can sometimes be a bit isolating.

"People find themselves out at coffee shops and what not because its just nice to be around people. Theres that water cooler talk just like, "How's your day going?" And just being able to share those thoughts, which you don't necessarily have if you're a freelancer and you're working at home by yourself."

For $10, which includes free coffee and breakfast from a different sponsor each week, anyone can use their space and internet to work.

Freelance Fridays are open to really anyone seeking a workspace, regardless of what their work may be.

"We've had people come in and paint, you can come in and craft, and you can take up a table or 2 and really spread out, in a way that you may not be able to do in a coffee shop and work a full 8 hours."

Raymo believes the community aspect of the location is just as important as finding a space to work.

"You feel like you can, if you're having trouble with something and you know that your neighbor is a graphic designer say like, "Hey do you know why I can't get this thing to work in Photoshop?"

The Rochester Brainery is located at 176 Anderson Avenue, F 109, Rochester.