CloudCheckr, cloud computing company expects rapid growth in Rochester

Jun 7, 2017
Originally published on June 7, 2017 7:56 am

A local high tech company is expanding in Rochester, and they have big plans for future growth.

The company is called CloudCheckr, and they provide cloud computing services for various businesses.

Its CEO and co-founder Aaron Newman says they currently employ more than 100 people, about 75 in Rochester, and that number should double in a year.

In five years, Newman says the expectation is they can grow to about a thousand employees at their locations around the world, with many of those jobs located in Rochester where they have their headquarters. They are expanding at Village Gate.

Newman says one reason CloudCheckr wants to keep its headquarters in Rochester is because of the access they have to good talent.

“Specifically around kind of the high tech space that RIT is just so great at, providing talented individuals and that’s people that are coming fresh out of school."

Newman says the relatively low cost of living and easier commute compared to large cities is another reason his company is able to attract good talent.