Businesses that rely on the water also impacted by high lake levels

Originally published on May 11, 2017 10:02 am

"I've been a captain for 35 years and it's the highest I've ever seen it," said Warren Welch, who operates Reel Easy Sportfishing Charters in Rochester.

He says he's had to cancel 4 to 5 outings so far because of the conditions, and that's a significant loss of business for him.

"All the power has been shut off at the Yacht Club for the docks.  And at Shumway to the docks, all the power has been shut off.  And there's a lot of debris, obviously, out in the lake.  It's dangerous. There are logs and branches and submerged wood.  So it's pretty dangerous," he said.

Welch says if the wind calms down, he plans to try to catch some fish this weekend.

Meanwhile, at the Rochester Yacht Club, Commodore Dan Peck says the docks are underwater and the power and water service to them has been shut off.

"We at this time would normally have upwards of 70 boats, 70 member boats in the water and at the present time I think we have 16 or 1 boats in the water," he said.

A fundraising event scheduled for the Rochester Yacht Club for Tuesday featuring over 50 boats was canceled by the organizers.

"We are trying as strong as possible to continue this business as normal as possible, but on a day to day basis, we are making decisions which are having negative impacts on revenue," he said.

Peck adds they are putting contingency plans into place, and May and June are typically two of the busiest months of the yacht club season, and they anticipate ongoing impacts on revenue unless there is a significant reduction in the water levels.